Microsoft has announced the release of the new Azure mobile app for the iOS and Android marketplaces. Having customers who are constantly on the go in mind, Microsoft designed Azure mobile app that offers users access to all of their resources in Azure from anywhere they are in the world. The app provides all the accessibility and power of Azure without being in front of a desktop, and a variety of features for Azure users like:

  • Real-time data and updates, so that users don’t have to be in front of their workstation to keep a close watch on resources like applications and VMs.
  • Resource health and performance monitoring, enabling users to stay informed and connected to their resources so that they can quickly correct issues.

Azure Mobile App

  • Customized alerts so users can receive notifications on key Azure resource metrics, allowing them to take action as needed, even if they aren’t at their office.
  • Resource control, allowing users to take actions like turning VMs and applications on and off
  • Cloud Shell integration enabling users to run command queries to manage their resources with ease, without having to access the back-end of their machines.

Additional features within the Azure mobile app include touch-id integration for improved security, a favorites tab for quick access to resources, and a notification tab that lets users know of the latest updates within Azure.

As the world of cloud continues to evolve, the Azure mobile app is another innovative step forward into giving users the ability to do more with the cloud than ever before. Updates and new features will continue to be added to the app along the way, so users can expect more Azure goodies to improve their mobile cloud experience.