Today’s Topic: Azure Government

Talent: Darryl Hofer, Senior Consultant Data & AI

“Hi, I’m Darryl Hofer, I am a Consultant at Catapult Systems and today I’m going to talk about some questions we often hear from our clients. Currently, Azure Cloud is available in three different instances. There’s Azure Commercial, Azure Department of Defense, and Azure Government. Azure Government is only for government entities such as state and local government. DOD is only available for Department of Defense and Commercial is available to anybody. Each three of these cloud instances are physically isolated from each other and Gov in particular, has some of the highest security compliances such as IRS 1075, sieges, and fed ramp. There’s often a misconception that just because you are a government entity that you need to be on Gov Cloud and this isn’t always the case. If you are a health department or HR Department, you don’t need to be on Gov Cloud because you don’t have CJIS-level information or federal-compliant information. You just need HIPAA, Hitrust, High-Tech, which is all available in the commercial cloud. Another reason would be that Commercial Cloud, oftentimes, we see on average is about 20- 30% cheaper than Gov Cloud, and a lot of the new technologies and services are often available months in advance before Gov Cloud just because of the stringent testing and compliance centered around Gov Cloud.

A good example of this is Azure DevOps. Azure DevOps is a great tool, we use with every client and even internally. It essentially uses end to end tool chain technology to track, develop and deploy software solutions. Your program managers or project managers, they can create Kanbans, dashboards, and reporting. Your developers can have their own private git repos as well as full CICD pipeline integration and automation. The only issue is that Azure DevOps is not currently offered in the Gov Cloud space, only in Commercial. There are some Gov Cloud services that can use commercial DevOps, but not all of them at this point. Thanks for watching and stay tuned as for the next topic, we will have Jasmine and Natalie talking about what are the problems were solving.


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