One of my previous posts has been incredibly popular.  I worked with Michael Murgolo on testing a great ConfigMgr hotfix that would automatically apply hotfixes during a ConfigMgr OSD Task Sequence. 

Matt Benninge has created a new version of the hotfix script with some very nice feature adds.  Matt added the following features:

  • Hotfixes are installed in order based one numbers. So my script installs KB2000 after KB98 where Michael’s would do the opposite.
  • I always assume that the OS-disk will end up as C:, Michael’s script would not work if you had a Bitlocker partition during WinPE that was C: and OS as D: which then would become C: only after system had booted into “full OS”.
  • You have the ability to exclude hotfixes with my script
  • Limitation: The Hotfixes must all be located in a folder starting with “KB”, if this is not true that hotfix will be ignored.

My original post on how to install still holds true, and Matt has a post on how to use the script and some of his new features posted here.