Parked this one aside back in September, and just realized that it never went out.  Here’s a flashback to what I was thinking just a month or two ago:

Watching the Ignite presentation today on the migration path from 2007 to 2010, it just confirmed that if you’re planning a 2007 deployment right now, you should deploy it as follows:

  1. PWA in its own site collection and content db.
  2. Project Workspaces in their own site collection and content db.


This will save you a whole lot of effort come migration time when you may need to extract PWA from the workspace content db, which happens all too often for my liking.

This way, when you migrate, you just delete the old PWA site, and make a new one in 2010 with the old databases.  Attach the upgraded workspaces to the new farm, relink the sites using the built-in tool (which I haven’t tested but looks a lot like the Relink tool), and you’re good to go.

I point out however that the concern amongst the partner community is that whilst the recommended approach is to use multiple site collections, there is no officially supported solution to deploy Project Server webparts to non-PWA site collections.  There are workarounds, as documented in Chrisophe’s blog here – but as far as I can tell the only officially supported solution is to use the Page Viewer Web Part.

Note that you probably don’t want to have too much content or customization directly on the PWA site itself – which I would contend is never really a good idea anyway in 2007.