Sorry for the delay on the recap, was a very busy week, with work and personally getting my house sold and finding a new one!

The April meeting was Tuesday the 23rd, and we had Vaultive’s Steve Coplan (@stavvmc), Sr. Director of Marketing and Strategy, present to the group on Vaultive’s email encryption service. The service allows for encrypting email at rest within Office 365 Exchange Online. It was a great presentation and here is the PowerPoint deck Steve used.

After the presentation we had a lively discussion about Office 365 Wave 15 Upgrades. Several people shared their experiences and issues with the upgrades that they have already completed. Martina Grom (@magrom) and Nicki Borell facilitated much of this conversation. Several members provided some links around the Upgrade process:

Service Upgrade Autodiscover Article on community.office365:

Good pointers in this list regarding MX:

Service Updates:

To wrap up the meeting we discussed Public Folders in Exchange Online Wave 15 and how to migrate from existing on-premises Public Folders to Exchange Online. One good link was shared around scripts for Pubic Folder Migrations:


While I didn’t start the recording when the meeting started, I did start it right before Steve’s presentation, here is the meeting recording.