The Nexus SC blog has posted some great info on migrating users to Windows 7 while keeping the users previous Windows XP (or newer) environment available to them in the new OS.  It’s like having your cake and eating it too:

Hey everyone, if you are considering any type of client migration on you way to Windows 7 , and you have thought about how to manage the end user experience through the process, you may want to check this out.

P2V Migration for Software Assurance uses the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and Sysinternals Disk2VHD to convert a user’s existing Windows XP or newer client environment to a virtual hard disk then automates the delivery of an updated and personalized Windows 7 operating system containing virtual machine with the user’s previous Windows environment, applications and Web browser. The user’s previous virtual desktop retains its existing management components, domain membership and policies. The process also publishes applications and the browser for the user to access them seamlessly within Windows 7’s start menu.

To continue reading and to get all the details on how this works see Announcing the P2V Migration Tool for Software Assurance.