Join us for the June 10th Meeting of the Central Texas SharePoint User Group!

June Program Description:

The Nielsen Norman Group Report: Intranet Design Annual 2009: Year’s Ten Best Intranets was awarded to Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), a developer of computer and graphics processors, for their intranet. This intranet, based on SharePoint, was designed for enterprise organization with large amounts of documents and mission-critical applications. Come join the team responsible for this incredible intranet and walk away with lessons learned from this award winning design you can apply to your organization as well.

Andrea Werzner, a Sr. Program Manager with the Employee Culture & Communications Team at AMD, will speak to the business value delivered by the design of the intranet.

Robert Nellis, a Senior Consultant at Catapult Systems, will talk about some of the technical challenges the team faced during the implementation.

Also, remember that we will be doing “Stump the Panel” for 30 minutes at the beginning of the session, so bring your toughest questions!