The 2008 MVP Global Summit has just wrapped up and what a phenomenal experience. This year was my second Summit and I have a much deeper understanding of how Microsoft uses our feedback to build better products. The MVP community meets once a year for several days of face-to-face interaction with the product group to provide feedback, share ideas and crack some of the geekiest deep technical jokes I have ever heard!

While our feedback is heard year round, the Summit provides "face time" with the PG team members and reinforces the connections and friendships that can weaken through e-mail only communication. The summit also provides the SharePoint MVP members a chance to reconnect in deep and meaningful ways…like Paint Ball! Best of all is when the Microsoft Product Team comes along for the fun. Imagine that you are taking fire from three sides while guarding your flag with the PM for Master Pages…it makes asking questions later in the year much easier. It also gives new meaning to the phrase "I have been there and have the bruises to prove it!"

Here is the SharePoint Team Post about our adventures.