Recently a group of Cloud and Datacenter focused MVP’s finished up a podcast on the current state of Dashboards and Operations Manager. This included Lee Berg, Pete Zerger, Tao Yang and myself. (@PZerger @MrTaoYang @cfullerMVP @LeeAlanBerg @insidepodcast). If you are interested in dashboards related to Operations Manager this is a podcast which you will not want to miss. It’s available at:

In preparation for this podcast I wanted to check out how we can add different types of performance information into a Savision Live Map. This doesn’t appear to be well documented yet so this blog post will go through how to add performance information in a Savision Live Map.

  1. As a starting point, open the Savision authoring console, and either edit or create a new diagram view.
  2. Next you add the object you want to the diagram view. For my example I added a windows computer object.
  3. On a diagram view, click on the performance icon on the toolbar. This allows you to choose either Single Value, Gauge (Linear or Radian), or Sparkline. I’ll add each of these to show what they look like for the same counter.

  1. After you choose the option that you are looking for this launches a wizard to choose the component, counter, value and options. For the component you can scroll through objects which are on the map and choose the appropriate one from the list. For this example I am choosing the C drive to show free disk space in multiple performance widgets.

  1. Next we choose a counter based on what Operations Manager has available for the component which was chosen. (% Free Space in this example).

  1. We next specify details on the value which we are going to show within the performance widget (most of these shown below were default values).

  1. On the options you can change colors and labels and other settings specific to this performance widget.

  1. The graphic below shows the Live Maps authoring console with one of each of the four types of performance widgets each showing the % Free Space counter (Single Value, Linear Gauge, Radian Gauge, Sparkline).

  1. And these performance views appear as expected within the Operations Manager console when we open the diagram view.

Summary: This blog post provided a simple step-by-step example for how to add performance information to a diagram view in Savision Live Maps. The key to remember is that these are added to a diagram view and to use the performance icon on the top bar to add them to your diagram. The ability to add this type of functionality in Live Maps is a huge benefit to the product and I look forward to seeing how it is more creativity used by others in the future!