There are a few development firms out there that have created some Apps for OpsMgr 2007 and even MOM 2005, but I haven’t seen any specific updates to OpsMgr 2012 for Windows 8 just yet.  Some people use Citrix (XenApp) to access the internal applications via mobile device or PC.  You can also investigate to see if publishing the System Center consoles through ISA or TMG is a viable option for your organization.

There was a mobile console that was available in OpsMgr 2007 natively, but that was depricated in lieu of the silverlight web console.

Here’s a few ideas for you to investigate surrounding System Center as a Win 8 application:

  • This application was said to work well in OpsMgr 2007, and also has support under Windows Phone 8.  It may also work with OpsMgr 2012, I haven’t confirmed:

  • Service Manager 2012 RTM (I have not tried this app)

  • This System Center Orchestrator 2012 application was mentioned to Chris Ross at the MVP summit:

  • System Center Endpoint Protection:

And here’s a great app to that gives you the System Center Blogs!