imageToday I am flying to Washington DC to give a presentation on SharePoint 2010 and I needed to grab some files from our Corporate Intranet.  So I fired up the laptop and then signed in and started to download my files.  While I was on-line Outlook reminded me that I had a Livemeeting that I was supposed to attend during the flight that I had forgotten to reschedule.  Lync was already open and I was IMing with another co-worker about some issues and I thought…what the heck, let’s see if this will work.

The review, alas, is mixed.  The IM is great and I could not tell that I was running over the Airplane internet.  Initially the audio quality was quite good and I was able to chat with the conference call leader easily.  Now, I figured that my sound quality would be terrible if I unmuted my mic, and it was.  Go figure, I am jetting along at 35,000ft in a Boeing 717 with all the requisite noise…my poor laptop’s mic array, even if it supposed to be noise cancelling, was not going to cut it.  We determined that was the case, and unfortunately…not sure if it was related or not, but my network quality plummeted.  Initially I was able to hear all of my co-worker’s audio and it was pretty solid.  After I went off mute (even when I went back on mute), I was unable to hear but about one word in three or four.

But the test wasn’t a full failure.  We also tested screen sharing.  I tried to share my screen and it was a bit too slow.  So we tried my co-worker’s screen and it popped up quickly and refreshed pretty well.  Not as good as a landline hardwire connection, but certainly usable.  here is a screen cap of the Livemeeting window.


So two out of three really wasn’t that bad and I still wonder if the audio would have worked if I had never come off mute and the network profile had changed.  We didn’t try video chat, but I seriously doubt that would have worked.

And here is where I was (add about 35,000+ feet) when all of this was going on.