As a startup company, it was vital for 240Tutoring to find a solution that would allow them the flexibility of a fully customized solution that could be expanded in a short amount of time as their company grew.

Catapult Systems presented Windows Azure and Windows SQL Azure as a flexible and easily expandable platform. Windows Azure would allow for customized curriculum that could be accessible anywhere, coupled with interactive tools that would enable unlimited success for 240Tutoring’s users. Using Windows Azure, Catapult developed a customized solution that enabled 240Tutoring with a cost effective way to rapidly scale as it expanded from one school district to the state of Texas to 43 states across the nation in a 7 month time frame.

With Windows Azure and Catapult Systems, 240Tutoring has been able to get off the ground with low investment and flexibility to allow for quick expansion and customization. Without the Windows Azure platform and Catapult Systems expertise, this concept would not have had the opportunity to become a reality.

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