Cute Baby Boy Isolated on White Yep, our little ol’ blog was officially 1 year old last month.  That means we’re ready to graduate from the baby cereal stuff to something with substance.  I hope you’re all getting half as much out of reading this blog as we get out of writing it.

Here’s a self-selected best of listing of some of the posts that we’ve published….



Deployment Epistemological Challenges in Tool Deployments
Identifying the Parameters of an EPM Consulting Engagement
Establishing EPM Tool Ownership
Developing an EPM Training Program (Part I)
Do Your Homework Before Implementing EPM
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Project Server Blogroll
EPM Implementations as an Exercise in Metaplanning
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Using Intelligent WBS Codes in Microsoft Project
ProjectPro: Setting Buffers (Part 2: Cost Buffers)
Formatting the Gantt Chart in MS Project 2007
Poor Man’s Earned Value (Part 1)
ProjectPro: Setting Buffers (Part 1: Schedule Buffer)
ProjectPro: From Deterministic to Probabilistic Schedules
Project Pro: Leveraging the Resource Graph
Project 2010 Goodbye KAPOW! Hello New World
What-If Analysis with Microsoft Project 2010
Project Server Good Practices in Documenting MOPS 2007 Security
Migrating Project Server Settings with Playbooks
Deploying Risks and Issues as Centrally Controlled Content Types in a MOSS/MOPS Environment
Reporting All I Want for Festivus: My Reporting Wishlist
A Taxonomy of Desktop Reporting Tools
Marrying Server Data to a Resource Pool Org Chart
Exporting the Resource Pool to Visio as an Org Chart
Tips and Tricks: Saving an MPP File to Access
Creating a Dynamic Project Timeline Using Visio Services
Modifying the Default ODC Files to Filter on Specific Projects
Document Automation with the REST.API
Scheduling Getting Back to Scheduling Basics….