Windows11 Autopilot-can't connect to the URL

Windows Autopilot error “can’t connect to the URL for your organization’s MDM terms of use”

I was spinning up Windows Autopilot in a new customer’s tenant and got hit with this message during the Windows Out-of-Box experience (OOBE).

The most interesting Google/Bing/DuckDuckGo search result was on a MSDN forum, but that didn’t seem to make sense for this tenant. For this tenant / scenario, the solution was really simple……

Reset-MECMClientPolicy console2

ConfigMgr Client Policy Reset script

So you need to perform a hard policy reset on a few (or a lot) of ConfigMgr client computers because they seem to be stuck? PowerShell to the rescue! If you only need to reset policy on a few computers, just run this command

But if you have a bunch to wade through or…

cleanup system disk files blog

Cleanup System Disk Files

There have been many scripts and solutions written for cleaning up unnecessary files on Windows computers to free up disk space.  I’ve used several over the years, but nothing out on the interwebs fit what I thought was the best approach which is delete files that you KNOW are not needed delete progressively “riskier” types…

powershell read iis logs blog

Easy IIS log reading with PowerShell

This is just a bit of PowerShell to make reading and filtering IIS logs quick and easy.

Get the latest version on GitHub.

ConfigMgr Admin Users

Report all ConfigMgr admin console users

So, who exactly has access to the ConfigMgr admin console?  This bit of PowerShell will generate a CSV report of each Active Directory user in each role/group*. The latest code can be obtained from GitHub. *Note: nested groups are not yet supported.


UserTokenSIDs contains an error

ConfigMgr SSRS – UserTokenSIDs contains an error: “The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed”

A few days ago I began receiving errors when running reports in the ConfigMgr console and the web portal.

A few other very generic errors were displayed as well, but this one was the most prevalent and detailed (if you call that detailed). The errors occurred for every user when executing any report that…