OpsMgr Dashboard Integration: Integrating the OpsMgr web console- How to find the URL’s to link in to dashboards (#SCOM, #SYSCTR)

One of the most common questions I run across when integrating various dashboard solutions is how to integrate the dashboards into the OpsMgr web console. As an example, I may have created a distributed application for my line of business application. On my NOC view I show the health of the distributed application but when…

OpsMgr Dashboard integration series (#SCOM)

I’ve been spending significant amounts of time working with multiple dashboard solutions which are available for Operations Manager. Specifically Savision Live Maps, Visio 2010 integration, Service Level Dashboard 2.0, and the Service Manager dashboard (customized for OpsMgr). Through integration of these disparate dashboard solutions, we have been able to develop some extremely comprehensive solutions to…

Automated Cross Platform Agent install and Discovery (#SCOM)

A colleague of mine (Terry Taylor) just launched into blogging with a really solid posting on how to automate the deployment of cross platform agents available at: http://ubergnosis.com/2011/07/11/automated-cross-platform-agent-install-and-discovery/ https://www.catapultsystems.com/ttaylor/archive/2011/07/11/automated-cross-platform-agent-install-and-discovery.aspx His blog links are: http://ubergnosis.com/ And replicated to his Catapult blog at: https://www.catapultsystems.com/ttaylor   Great stuff Terry and keep up the blogging!

Additional OpsMgr SQL Queries for Dashboards (#SCOM, #sqlserver)

Added two new SQL queries for the OpsMgr Dashboards and Gadgets and uploaded them today to: http://www.systemcentercentral.com/Downloads/DownloadsDetails/tabid/144/view/showmsg/indexid/86822/Default.aspx  Processor Utilization History Website Current Connection History Details on ways that these queries can be used are blogged at http://www.systemcentercentral.com/BlogDetails/tabid/143/IndexID/86823/Default.aspx with also contains links to additional blog articles on the topic.