Assessments & Workshops

Expert-led discovery sessions that will help you solve & innovate.

Catapult offers a variety of assessments and workshops executed by a cohesive group of highly experienced and valued Application Developers. We get to know your business and your priorities, and we work together to solve your complex business problems.

App Modernization Assessment

Perfect for organizations that had custom applications built before the advent of cloud technologies. We will help you develop a deep understanding of your company’s current business-critical applications and how they could be modernized with Azure.

Application Security Assessment

Provides organizations with the guidance to ensure your application code minimizes vulnerabilities and protects your sensitive data. We review your network and create a recommendation roadmap to improve your application security posture.

App Dev Innovation Workshop

This in-person or virtual workshop is the first step toward understanding the problems worth solving, prioritizing the outcomes worth pursuing, and building velocity. At the end of the workshop, Catapult delivers an executive summary with next steps.

Hone your application environment

App Migration to Azure

Modernize aging applications and migrate to Azure. Catapult works with you to explore your applications and define goals. Mapping objectives and discovering risks, we help you create a migration strategy that fits your goals.

Performance Efficiency Assessment

Catapult’s performance efficiency assessment gauges the efficacy of your application. We combine insight from workshops and interviews with existing analytics to provide a performance architecture review and recommendations for improvements.

Usability Assessment

Assess your application’s usability. Business priorities change, and user experience should evolve as well. Catapult workshops your app and provides recommendations to ensure the right information is in front of the users at the right time.

Alignment to Business Processes

Does your app meet your business goals and plans for innovation? Workshops and interviews reveal how closely your apps and your business requirements align. Deliverables provide recommendations and a roadmap for optimization.

“The Catapult team has provided us with a very high-quality engagement. We are consistently ahead of schedule and delivering high value.”

— App Dev Client in Aviation Industry


Improving the Retail Customer Experience

A retail loan provider experiences the cloud for the first time and expands its reach to meet customer’s expectations.

Dig Deeper

Which App to Use and When

Learn the best route to take when modernizing your applications.

The Rise of Modern Apps Learning Channel

Our videos cover every aspect of application modernization.

Assess Your Application Security

Ensure your application code minimizes vulnerabilities and protects sensitive data.

App Reliability in the Cloud

Healthcare organization improves critical applications and operations.