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Quick & Quality with Lean Application Development

Start LEAN, Stay LEAN - Build What Matters

Catapult takes a LEAN product management approach to app development. This empirical approach allows you to get the most value from your application.

Build agile teams & deliver high-quality

Agile processes harness high-quality units of work one story or one sprint at a time 

Our team of certified scrum masters and agile delivery experts can work for you, help you build and agile team, or blend with your team. Whether your organization is just learning Agile, strict SCRUM experts, running at Scaled Agile sizes, or love the single piece flow of KANBAN, we can meet you where you are and deliver.


CI/CD assures value with every check-in

Use of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery maintains high quality ready-to-release code at all times 

Catapult takes an outcome-based approach to application development, focusing on the problems to be solved rather than the features of the solution. Solutions and features are produced and deployed to production in short cycles, enabling the product team to quickly adapt to changing needs, and building the solution that meets your needs.

Release any time (even Friday afternoon) with DevOps

We bring the best to build out your DevOps environment regardless of platform

Our team can help make releasing to production as easy as grabbing a cup of coffee. Never be afraid to give your users valuable new features because “releases are hard.” By connecting IT operationsdevelopment, and other business departments through a DevOps pipeline, we can help you speed up your turnaround time.

Import foreign characters with PowerShell

Want to learn more about our App Dev processes?

“DevOps teams release apps more than twice as fast as traditional IT Ops teams”
– According to Mission Cloud Services 
“DevOps teams spend about 21% less time putting out ‘fires’ on a weekly basis and 37% less time handling support cases.”
– According to Mission Cloud Services 

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