SQL Server

Enter an era of intelligent information. Get the most from your data.

Catapult works with you to create a roadmap that is designed to make the most of your data, helping you realize your true data potential.

With SQL your options are endless.

We help you build mission critical applications using a scalable, hybrid database platform. Everything your business needs is built in—With SQL you receive in-memory performance, unmatched security and protection, analytics and valuable insights, and much more.

Why SQL?

Scalable Applications

Create apps that are scalable, reliable and high performing

Protect your data icon

Protect your data from potential threats and vulnerabilities

Transform your data

Transform your data into actionable insights on any device with mobile BI

Use SQL Server directly to analyze insights without needing to move data

Build applications on-premises and the cloud using a consistent platform

Flexibility without compromise.

Use your team’s existing skills and the technologies you love. SQL allows you to choose languages, technologies and platforms that make the most sense for your business — including Python, Ruby, Java, .NET, PHP, Node, Windows.

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