Managed Services

Driving digital at the pace of business

A lack of resources and knowledge doesn’t mean the pace of your business should slow. It means that it’s time to find a creative solution. Enter Catapult Managed IT Services.

Catapult covers the IT support spectrum

Traditional IT + As a Service Support

Catapult provides traditional IT support and monitoring services, as well ‘as a service’ technology support, all at a predictable monthly subscription rate and customized to your unique business needs.

You call them IT experts. We call them IT ninjas.

Helping eliminate bottlenecks that prevent you from accomplishing high value, mission-critical initiatives – Catapult provides you with expertise that spans a wide range of technologies. Not only can we help you support a limited resourced pool, we also employ our “As a Service” model to drive greater business value.
  • Provide you with experts on demand

  • Transform your business operations

  • Enable business departments to innovate with speed and drive revenue

  • Sustain mission-critical applications and solutions

  • Modernize your IT systems over time

  • Augment your overtaxed IT team

  • Help you optimize the cloud

Catapult offers IT Managed Services

Get Support from the Experts


How can Managed Services impact my business?

Experience the many benefits of managed services: Reduce cost of IT infrastructure by 24%, optimize IT staff productivity by 42%, reduces application downtime by 88%, and returns your investment by 224% in three years.

Complete Coverage for a Fixed Monthly Cost

Receive complete coverage + continuous delivery as needed with the flexibility to support various technologies as your business needs changes. All for a fixed monthly cost. Reduce costs by 40% and increase reliability. Innovate with speed while reducing overall business risks.

Read our most recent whitepaper: The Subscription (R)evolution

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