Mobility has become the new standard in workplace expectations.

Today, employees now take for granted that they will have the ability to access corporate services wherever, whenever, and on any device. Catapult can help power your users’ diverse mobility needs, while preserving compliance and data protection.

Enterprise Mobility Suite - Identity Control + Mobile Management + Data Protection

Catapult’s Enterprise Mobility Suite

Manage all devices from a single console in the cloud with Azure Active Directory & InTune, on premise through integration with System Center Configuration Manager, or from a hybrid environment, for:

  • Streamlined device management for employees and administrators with single identities, self-service passwords, and sign-on access to corporate applications—including remote access.

  • The option to self-register personal devices, translating corporate security and accessibility onto whichever device users chose to leverage.

  • Control over who accesses corporate resources with sophisticated authentication and conditional access policies.


Safety First

On average, data breaches set companies back by $3.5 million—not to mention they can threaten everything that makes your company great: intellectual property, leadership reputation, and brand identity. Catapult can help protect every corner of your data network with Enterprise Mobility Suite which offers comprehensive visibility and control over user activity, threats, and resources.

Collaborate Freely

Safety doesn’t have to live within rigid constraints. Employees who need to share corporate information with other employees, clients, and partners can feel secure to do so on or off-premise with Azure Rights Management encryption.

Sharpen IT's Senses

In the case of a security breach, your response time can make the difference between a minor threat and a major emergency. With Advanced Threat Analytics, Catapult helps you to quickly detect true threats and prevent attacks.