Applications Strategy and Consulting

Impactful Custom Solutions for Your Long-term Success

Catapult excels in bringing innovative and sustainable solutions to market for you.

Technology changes, markets are disrupted, but our customer-centered focus has remained constant. We know how to make sense of your custom solutions, where they fit into your ecosystem, culture, and strategy, and how to continually assess impact for long term success.

Strategic Planning- What’s the right path?

Application architecture
Organizational process needs
Economic constraints

Impact Assessment- Has the path led to success?

Efficiency goals
Business/opportunity goals
cost impact

Our Application Development team consistently follows this duo-fold strategy to design across the entire spectrum, from applications that support your organization’s very existence, to innovative disruptors that give it competitive edge.


Operational Accounting Systems
Marketing and End Customer Engagement Solutions
Predictive Budgetary Analytics


Field Enabled Rebate Processing
On-Premise-to-Cloud Vendor Management Systems
State and Non-Profit Grant Management