Deliver more with less.

Companies are constantly distracted and bombarded with requests. At the edge of a new revolution—“the digital transformation”—companies must stay ahead of the curve to keep with new trends. With this in mind, Launch’s automation as a service helps businesses automate time-consuming, highly repetitive internal IT and business processes.

Helping you stay ahead of the curve, Catapult proudly introduces Automation as a Service.

But how do you start transforming your operations? Catapult can help you remove the pain of routine tasks, giving you happier, more productive employees with more time to focus on growing your business and driving revenue. See how we do it.arrow

Freedom. Not Frustration.

Launch is Catapult’s new fully-managed enterprise automation platform which accelerates digital transformation through multi-step automation of complex IT and business processes. Built in the cloud, Launch automates time consuming and routine tasks that distract you from  your goals.

  • Improve efficiency, freeing up time to focus on high value initiatives

  • Increase employee satisfaction by automating common tasks and repetitive work

  • Minimize mistakes by reducing interruptions and strain on existing personnel

  • Provide faster, better user experiences

  • Accelerate your company’s digital transformation

Launch infographic

Launch Automates Nearly Any Process

Marketing & Sales

Automation of employee evangelism through social media; email capture/import to your outbound marketing engine

IT / Help Desk

Security threat response; Line of business application health; Cloud automation/governance

HR / Back Office Processes

Employee onboarding, offboarding, and changes; Automate the candidate interview and data capture process

Need solutions other than the ones mentioned above?

Contact Catapult Systems to discuss using the Launch platform to automate other key IT functions for your environment.

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