Cloud Platforms & Applications

 Aligning the cloud with your unique business needs

Cloud Platforms

The easy part of choosing to go to the cloud is embracing one of our cloud platforms. Currently, Catapult supports Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. The critical decision is choosing the right partner that has demonstrated success taking their clients to the cloud.

How can Catapult improve your business?

  • Build scalable applications, simplifying your infrastructure

  • Lower total IT costs

  • Increase the speed at which your company operates

  • Ensure compliance to meet all stringent industry standards

  • Enable the productivity of your workforce

In need of expert Cloud IT Services?

Whether you’re in need of cloud migration or you’re well into your cloud journey, our cloud experts are here to help.  Request a call from our team today.

Microsoft Azure

Azure provides the ability to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of secure, Microsoft-managed datacenters. Most importantly, Azure gives you the flexibility you need, allowing you to take advantage of the cloud where it best serves your business.

Catapult’s cloud experts help you maintain control of your company applications and data in-house, while leveraging the benefits of cloud with Office 365. Click here to watch a short video on how Catapult Systems can get you to the cloud on your terms with Microsoft Azure.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps meet your business goals. A trusted leader in cloud-based products and solutions, AWS provides the ability to manage your infrastructure remotely while providing the highest level of security, no matter the size of your organization.

Offering a broad set of technologies, AWS allows for complete flexibility. When the opportunity to innovate arises, you’re able to quickly and seamlessly adapt to the necessary changes. A key difference between AWS and other IT models is that you pay only for what you use, requiring no up-front investment.

Cloud Applications

Aligning the cloud with your unique business needs.

Empower your employees with the tools they need to succeed.  Increase productivity and collaboration among team members.  Create a work environment that gives employees anywhere, anytime access.


Enable your workforce. Work anywhere, anytime and on any device.


Workflows that save time, boost productivity and decrease costs.


Empower your sales team to do what they do best—sell.

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Catapult's Solutions as a Service

What steps are you taking to transform your business?  As your preferred technology partner, Catapult supports your efforts to digitally transform your business.

Power your intranet with Fuse, the modern intranet solution connecting people and information.

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Accelerate your digital transformation through multi-step automation of complex IT and business processes.

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