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Past Webinars

Past online events are available below:

Webinar TitleWatch the VideoGet the DeckDate
Intelligent Development: Breaking Barriers to InnovationWatchDownload12/13/16
What's new in Systems Center 2016 & Windows Server 2016WatchDownload12/8/2016
Designing an Effective Information Governance Strategy with MetalogixWatchDownload11/17/2016
Selling with Social Media: Leveraging Dynamics CRMWatchDownload9/22/2016
The Success Catalyst: Employee Experience in a Digital WorldWatchDownload3/11/2016
Doing More with Less: Introducing a New Technology ImperativeWatchDownload3/1/2016
Gaining Customer Insights: What's New in Social for Dynamics CRMWatchDownload12/11/2015
Earning Customer Loyalty: What's New in Service for Dynamics CRMWatchDownload11/18/2015
Dynamics CRM 2016: What's New in SalesWatchDownload11/1/2015
Empower Employees in a Digital WorldWatchDownload4/2/2015
Understanding the Modern Intranet (and the pitfalls of getting there)WatchDownload3/26/2015
Strategic Social Listening & EngagementWatchDownload2/25/2015
Dynamics Records Management in SharePoint 2013WatchDownload12/12/2014
HR Technology ShowcaseWatchDownload12/9/2014
Attributable Thinking: Interactively Harnessing the Power of Metadata using jQuery, CSS and HTML 5WatchDownload11/12/2014
Developing in Dynamics: Unlock the Power of CRM2013WatchDownload11/6/2014
Establishing a Cloud Roadmap to SuccessWatchDownload10/22/2014
Power Business Intelligence for Office 365 Jumpstart ProgramWatchDownload2/21/2014