Microsoft Competencies

In November 2012, Microsoft refreshed their competency program, combining multiple competencies and creating new categories to more accurately reflect the ongoing changes in technology, align with new product releases, and highlight partner expertise. For more information on specific competency changes, please click here.

The criteria to qualify for competencies is comprehensive, requiring partners to pass technical exams and business assessments based on the latest Microsoft product versions, acquire certifications, provide three to five customer references per competency, and in the case of a gold competency, an additional Customer Satisfaction Index.

Currently there are more than 650,000 Microsoft partners worldwide eligible to attain these new competencies. Of these, fewer than 5% have achieved one or more of the 25 available competencies. Catapult Systems has accomplished 11 gold and 3 silver competencies. To date fewer than a dozen companies have achieved more than six gold competencies, placing Catapult in the top 0.10% of Microsoft partners worldwide.

 CAT microsoft gold competencies_gold.png

CAT microsoft silver competencies_silver.png

Note: “Gold” or “Certified” no longer apply to a Microsoft partner overall. Instead, the new “Gold” and “Silver” designations are specific to competencies. Additionally these competencies do not equate to the former Gold-Certified Partner membership status. 

To learn more about the certified partner and competency changes, read Eric Ligman’s blog post, “The Microsoft Partner Network: Gold Competencies & Silver Competencies – Part 1: Branding.” To learn more about Microsoft’s partner program and achieving competencies click here.