Professional Development

Professional development at Catapult Systems is so unique that it has a language of its own. We call it the Alpha Track, and it is designed to build leaders through a blend of virtual and in-person interactive learning in the areas of technology, consulting, professional and leadership skills. It’s all about progression of your capabilities – at Catapult you can count on forward momentum in the skills that will make a difference in your career.

Catapult’s Alpha track will accelerate the pace and depth of your growth as a professional and as a leader. Your capabilities and contributions are our greatest value, and we boldly invest in them. Through Alpha Track, each Catapult consultant has a personalized plan and a designated leader who shares responsibility with them for their growth. A personalized plan? Absolutely. We believe that our future leaders should be developing in their area of specialization, be it delivery of technology projects, Microsoft technology expertise, interactive design or managed services, and that without a plan, it’s impossible to move forward.

The Alpha Track is a series of learning experiences designed to develop your specific skills through case-based small group learning, online education, individual mentoring, and project experience working with our clients and internal teams. You will grow in your ability to design and build technology solutions, work with clients effectively, manage technology initiatives, and lead people. As your capabilities expand, you will progress through the four levels of the Alpha Track.

Get on the Alpha track. You’ll have an ongoing series of experiences and accomplishments which will be defining moments in your progression as a professional. Magnify your own expectations and achievements. Schedule a call, email us, or engage socially to investigate. Warning: ah-ha moments ahead!