Culture is key to our success.

Teamwork and trust. This is the foundation of Catapult’s culture and is instrumental in our ability to hire, develop and retain the best people in the IT industry. We understand that balance between your work and personal life is essential to your success, and our goal has always been to create a place that brings out the very best in our teams. As such, Catapult fosters a dynamic and fun work environment where you are surrounded by great people and where you are always learning and challenged.

Catapult is a great place to work

Our commitment to a strong company culture starts with every new team member attending Catapult Boot Camp in our Austin, Texas headquarters. Catapult boot camp is an in-depth introduction to Catapult’s history, vision, core values​, customer service philosophies, rules of empowerment, and standards of professional conduct. The groundwork for your success is set here and provides you the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with the members of your boot camp class. One word of advice – don’t be late! Our CEO leads boot camp and you have to knockout 20 pushups if you’re not on time!

  • Emily, Executive Team
    Catapult continually provides all of my 'must haves': interesting and dynamic problems to solve, talent-stocked teams to work with, and gracious regard for the importance of work-life balance.
    Emily, Executive Team
  • Emily, Marketing
    The best part about working at Catapult Systems is the encouragement to take ideas and turn them into actions.  With accountability and initiative as a driving force, employees are empowered to not be mere cogs in a machine, but rather individual contributors who all have the opportunity to bring intelligent ideas and solutions to the table.
    Emily, Marketing
  • Greg, Internal IT
    I love working for Catapult Systems because the commitment of our staff motivates me to provide excellent service.
    Greg, Internal IT
  • Ken, Sales
    Even after 10 years, every day is a new adventure.  We have the best clients, the most interesting projects, and the highest quality consultants I have ever been associated with.
    Ken, Sales
  • Lamar, Consulting
    I get to work in diverse customer environments, solve complex technology issues, while having a dynamic and highly knowledgeable support team behind me. It's a fun company to work for!
    Lamar, Consulting
  • Syed, Consulting
    I love working for Catapult as it provides me an opportunity to work with some very smart people and very cool technologies without sacrificing work-life balance.
    Syed, Consulting
  • Terri, Executive Team
    Catapult is a world class organization.  Customer satisfaction is essential in our business, but it must first start with taking care of our employees!
    Terri, Executive Team