We build applications people love using. Quickly and at a cost that makes sense.

Application Development for new applications and functional enhancement and maintenance for existing applications Based on our over 20 years of experience developing line of business applications we have uncovered that 80% of line of business systems users use only 20% of the functionality provided to them. Want to know why?

At Catapult, we’ve discovered that through a traditional user requirements gathering process, everything including the kitchen sink gets thrown in for consideration. That approach has been the standard for many years but where it falls short is taking that long list of requirements and evaluating them based on user and business value. The process of identifying the most valuable system features based on the key users input is what allows Catapult to create widely embraced, value-driven, agile, and precise applications at a cost that makes sense.

Welcome to our Accelerated Application Approach. You’ll only find it from a system integrator who has experienced hundreds of project approaches – from traditional waterfall to agile with a realm of modifications in between – and who has made it a core purpose to deliver more to our clients for their investment. That’s Catapult Systems.

So what does Accelerated Application Approach entail? Discover our customized process.